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DAW (Getting my feet wet )

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Looking for some info. Currently I record and mix on a Tascam 8 track which is a bit of a pain in the a$$. So I have Audacity but just use it for simple things and converting WAV files. I just downloaded cakewalk (Franks suggestion to Tu) and it looks doable, What I would like to know is what do any of you use for a USB interface I don't need the best but don't want junk either. Would be happy for any feedback before I make the investment. Of course also would be happy for software info too Thanks
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I believe both focusrite and tascam offer affordable USB devices.
Just make sure they offer you a line in with a preamp, and the sort ofoutput you'll need to connect speakers and headphones.
These things cost around a hundred euros around here and are really decent quality, just don't go for any "line jack to USB cable with no drivers and no outputs and a latency of 4 seconds" cheap product :)
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Hey Gary, i use a Focusrite Saffire 6 usb. I buy it for about 5 years and it works very well till now. Premium preamps and all you want! The actualy generation named Scarlet in many versions, but i think you have to spent 200 Dollar for a fine usuable Interface. The next one is for me a focusrite again! ;)
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This is the interface I use ax.
It is the only one I've ever used for about 3 years now.
It works well and no latency problems.

Focusrite brand is popular but I have no experience with them.
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Focusrite, have one as well, excellent and affordable.
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First question is: how many chanels You need. This is the value which is determinating a price very much.

For sure Focusrite is a good choice. We’re using Focusrite 18i8
-8 line inputs (4 of them You can use as mic input with dedicated preamps and phantom)
-2 line out
-2 headphones out with dedicated potentiometers

Everything You can controll with dedicated software.

Price is about 350-400

There is possible to extend quantity of in/out with another hardware connected to focusrite

In my house, from my first upload to wikiloops I’m using Lexicon Omega Studio.


Here i have 4 line in or 2 line in and 2 mic in. Everything You can controll with the knobs. I paid for that about 120$ and I think with this price is best choice as a quality/price relation. I don’t know why but this product is discontinued. Anyeay You can still find new one...

If 2 inputs is enough for You, I think Focusrite 2i2 is a still good choice and Lexicon Alpha as a low cost but still good quality option - about 50-80$.

About software... it still depend about what You need.
Almost all interesting soft, now You can use full version for limited time.

If just recording - check reaper (60 days of trial)

If You want to joke with complete DAW, try for 30 days Reason 10 or Ableton Live.

I’m using Reason 10 right now. For me it have very friendly interface. You just build Your rack with devices You want. If You push TAB, U can see all devices from the back, with all connected cables. You can do whatever You want with those cables.

Of course everything is my personal opinion...

Good luck
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Focusrite 6i6 2nd gen here, and happy with it. My brother has a much cheaper Behringer which works as well I think (couldn't A/B compare them).

Oh, and with Focusrite you usually get some freebies like ProTools First, and Ableton Live Light.
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thank you for all the great advice. I ordered a Focusrite hopefully I will figure out how to do this
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Which one You bought?
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My 2 cents someone may correct me if I'm wrong but imho:
1-Don't go for products with ASIO4all universal driver. A dedicated driver is tailor-made so the least latency. Some brands use that for the entry products and for the units with the better specs use a dedicated driver.
2- Depending on your operating system look for support on that. A newer OS sometimes doesn't support older drivers...
And it can be a pain if it doesn't match.

Good luck, and happy recording! ;)
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