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[suggestion-question] One more newsfeed option?

[suggestion-question] One more newsfeed option?

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Hey greatest Admin on rhe planet earth...

What if we could to set up possibility and get notification about new jams in the music styles that we like most?

I’m just asking ;)
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Dick Supporter
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PierreOghi wrote:
Hey greatest Admin on rhe planet earth...

Oh, please... don't do that to me :)

Some sort of customization might indeed be interesting, but "by genre" seems too loose to me - you might get quite flooded with notifications if you are a friend of some rather busy category, so that doesn't really seem a good approach to me.
"Drums in the categories funk, jazz and reggae" and "anything with horns, but no blues or shuffle" might be something I'd personally enjoy (I'm making this up, nothing against blues with horns at all), but that would require some very sophisticated filters.
You'd basicly see a mix of user-triggered notifications (what you have now) mixed with
one or several track search results in recent order.... difficult, but doable.
it's not impossible to code, but I'm not sure wether that would be an apreciated option.
Any opinions on that around?
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OliVBee Supporter
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nope definitely not the kind of feature i would be using myself !
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