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Which Delay Pedal??

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I am looking to buy a delay pedal, maybe you guitarists can give me some advice. I think I'd like to have one with a few different types of delays. So what are you guys using?

Cheers :)
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you know I don't play guitar, but...
I'd try to make sure you can foot-tap the delays timing easyly. 100 fancy presets are no good if you can't keep up with re-adjusting the tempo in a jam situation.
And pretty please never develop the nasty habit to ignore the fact that a delay does create a rythmic pattern :D I get goosebumps when people turn on delays that bounce totally off time to the groove they are strumming and I might be drumming... that's not how that works, so, tapping speed is crucial IMO.

Seriously, my ideal idea of a delay would need three things:
- a cool way to tap the tempo (I'd want to re-tap during a song if no click is used),
- a switch to choose different measures (think: 1/1,1/2,1/4,1/1 D (...)1/1 T) - even if that doesn't speak to you at all right now, you'll figure out what that does in no time. The alternative to dial in the delay time in milliseconds is much less convenient than tap+measure setting.
- and last, one knob to set how much of the delay is re-fed to itself, leading to more or less decay time...
just my 2 cent. happy echos :)
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Yes most pedals I looked at had a tap button, I am sure I'll have one. Problem is, there are so many to choose from, how can you know which is best?? :O
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Adu got a fine little one with tap available if I remind it well.
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I'm not a guitarist, but an echo is an echo, even for an instrument without neck, isn't it? ;)

I use a BOSS dd 20 Giga delay (https://www.amazona.de/test-boss-dd-20-giga-delay-gitarren-effektgeraet/2/) on my analog synth. 10 different delay-versions, up to 23 seconds plus an overdub function. Of course with tap function. It has four storage "drawers". Luckily no hum. A reverb function is missing.

But it seems to be no more available, at least not in "new". However, I bet, it has a follower.
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Hey TG ,

the tc electronic NovaDelay ND-1 is a fine one. But i agree with Dick, it´s nothing to jam with. ;)
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I like the Tech 21 pedal https://www.musiciansfriend.com/amplifiers-effects/tech-21-richie-kotzen-rk5-signature-fly-rig-guitar-effects-pedal

It's a little more, but it's got a delay you can tap on the fly. It also has a really nice OD with a separate boost channel. And, it's all analogue unlike most of the multi-effect pedals out there. check out the reviews. My huge pedal board I almost never use live anymore (although I sometimes use it when recording so I can get my Wah, my sculpted EQ, and my C-9 Organ pedal. This little thing is about 12" long and about 3 inches wide. It slips into a small metal case that it comes in and you just throw it in the gig bag. You might consider it Tee Gee. -- Gator
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I used an effect (flanger) for the first time this last week end!

I have no help for you though because i like to run essentially a bare cable between my guitar and amp. I am using a line 6 pod, but i set it t he same essentially every time; british high gain, turn up the gain until i hear it just barely "kick". It sounds just like my marshall silver jubilee 25/50 maxed out... (if there were no other knobs on there, i would never know)

i do put medium hall reverb on as i mix down.
*oh, and i somtimes wah pedal...
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Best numeric delay Source Audio Nemesis.
If you read French ;)
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If it's for recording with your DAW Google Valhalla Supermassive. It's a free plugin and it's awesome. I like the Echo with the out of the way repeat setting.
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For me a good delay pedal MUST have:

-A foot tap tempo for easy control when jamming, as said above.

-A on-off pedal that is not a bypass:
A bypass will abruptly cut the tail of the delay when you press it, which is not esthetic.
A on-off will feed the delay on ON position but will not cut the tail when pressed OFF.
With this on-off function you can feed the delay with only a few notes you choose at will during live playing.
For this purpose I use "Boss RE-20 Space Echo". It has those essentials two functions, plus a "space" characteristic sound that i love.
Have a good day...day...da...d...:)
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