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Keys to songs?

Keys to songs?

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wjl Supporter
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Hello Trey,

thanks for your posting, and don't be afraid - I'm even newer here than you are, but I've never heard of someone being banned for posting something like this.

Like you, I find it easier to navigate through songs more quickly if they are documented, or even have proper chord "sheets", or at least a key (and in some cases, time) signature.

This can however be tricky. I know that some programs like Logic Pro can analyze and show chords in realtime, and I'm often a bit jealous and wish that my open source programs would have something similar. But: how do they display inversions of simple chords? Say instead of C-E-G for a C major chord, you play E-G-C instead (and I don't even start with more complex ones) - would the program still display that as a C major? Or take the C major scale - if you base that upon some chord progression starting on D instead, the same C major is then D Dorian (like Simon & Garfunkel's famous "Scarborough Fair" song).

So yes, I find chords and so on helpful if the composer needs to have that information provided. If they don't, I normally assume that I'm free to interpretations and own analyses, so I just go and try to figure out what they might have had in mind when composing their templates. And if I get it wrong (if there is such a thing), no one can complain who didn't provide more informations - right?

So don't be too afraid, just try to interpret things like you hear them. Sometimes you'll even get useful feedback, like I had this morning in a comment onto my latest upload #145410 (go and have a look).

Looking forward to hearing some of your stuff,
I hope this helps,
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TeeGee Supporter
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Hey Trey, yes it is good when chords are provided.

However, I for instance know the names of only about 4 or 5 simple chords, but I often play a lot of open string chords where I would not know where to even start with.

So as Wolfgang suggested, try to find a song that you like and use your ear. Also, if you find a song that you really like to do something with, and need some help you can write to the guy who posted the track and ask him for help, or post in the forum with a link to the track asking for help with the chords. I am sure that if you do so someone will try to help you out.

It ain't perfect here, but you won't find a better place on the net so... enjoy it :W

P.S. "Oh...i really don't want to get banned here" - you won't get banned here for voicing an opinion as long as you don't use foul language or insulting language, or if your opinion is thrusted too forcefully down someone's throat, if you get my drift.
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wjl wrote:
and don't be afraid

no fear, just my frustration has turned to disappointment. i would assume that everyone who uploads a piece, their piece is done in a key, except say percussion. so why can't they just put the key in the place to put the key? no biggie, probably won't be visiting/contributing for very much longer...

thanks for your time

p.s. almost 115,000 tracks here, under 7,000 have chords...that's approx 6%...lol

p.s.s the following is an example of chords on a lot of songs...really?
repeat Verse
repeat Chorus
repeat Chorus
repeat Bridge
repeat Intro
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Dick Supporter
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locorogue wrote:
... finding it hard to justify continuing to give money to an entity that doesn't support noobs.

I'm sorry to say it, but somewhow that seems like a strange conclusion to reach to me.
To say wikiloops (who would be the potential recipient of money) was not supportive of noobs, because it obviously allows noobs who don't supply chord info to upload a lot of music... I'm not sure if I can follow your logic there ;)
If supplying quality chords was made mandatory for anyone who uploads, would you feel that was supporting the noobs?

I do agree it is a pity a lot of folks are either plain "too lazy" or (like me) don't have that wisdom that would make filling out chord details as easy as you imagine it to be...
it is a pity. If that spoils your wikiloops experience, then that's a pity, too, but i'm affraid blaming wikiloops for its lazy users will not change things that much.
I was quite happy to read your initial post which stated you felt "things were getting a bit better" about chord supplies.
Statements like that are a nice reminder & motivation for anyone who reads them to get down (or back to) offering more chords. That seemed like a much more constructive move to me, so thanks for that.
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