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Bear with me folks

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Like ANY good powerful system there is a bit to absorb here at wikiloops. I just now noticed that some remixes were done on the first track I posted. I was thinking I would be getting email because these were posted. Then I just noticed posted remixes when I was looking at my own profile. Thanks for jumping in on it. I am not sure how many remixes have been done, but I will look around a bit and see. I noticed another remix was done, but when I went to have a listen, it was deleted or for some reason it was gone. But I'll get there. Most of these collab systems work a little differently, but none the less cool! I've liked what I've heard so far.

I've liked what I've seen and heard so far here. Just a little time to get used to things.

I've been in the state of perpetual "catch up" for years! That is by choice! I always keep projects stacked up and waiting, and I struggle with staying organized with them. I've actually downloaded several tracks from here with the intent to jam on them, and submit my ideas. So it's not for lack of interest. I'm like a kid in a candy store quite often and I often grab more than I have actual time to jam on. But the intent is there, and I'm very much enjoying what is going on! Most people have been very friendly, and I thank you all. Just wanted to drop a note here, and explain and thank you. I am the biggest music nut you are ever gonna meet, and so I am constantly overdoing it! I need a secretary!

I'm diggin the system here, and the people. I'll get there. Just gonna take some time.

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Hey man,

I know what you mean. It's really easy to miss stuff here, there's so much going on. I didn't really use the shoutbox at all when I started (had the right column set to favourites), I didn't realise RobH had added me to a band until weeks afterwards (still not done anything about that hahaha) and I'm hopeless at adding people to my friends list too :)

Your drum track has been really popular, pretty sure the bass track I put over it is my most remixed track too. I really loved Pete's guitar and JB samples, reiko's sax too. It does take a while to get used to how things work here - just tell people you're more about quality than quantity ;)


PS - there's an option to receive email when someone posts a remix which you can set during step 4 of the upload process...
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Hi Chris-

I use a googlesite with a project listing to keep my projects organized, and there are a ton on there. Some finished, some not. It's a great way to keep organized on pending tracks to work from a list like that. Trouble is, I'm always jumping in on more and more projects. So even organized I am always behind. But it does work, this list. Googlesites is a very good way to stay organized for collaborations. I am constantly meeting people here, and a few other sites, as well as facebook. One can never have too many contacts, or connections. I am constantly amazed at people's talents. I have a lot of tracks that need just one more part to be finished. Mostly vocals. Vocalists are in high demand. I have been doing online collaborations since about 1998 so I have a huge circle of friends who jump in, and now that circle has gotten even bigger, when I came here to wikiloops. That's what these places are for. Increasing the people you know and work with. Facebook is killing me with the new people I'm bumping into. 900 million members, so you gotta know it's endless the musos and writers on there. I am constantly hooking people up and getting hooked up.

Yeah I liked the things you guys added against my drums. I have about 6 projects going right now, and one I stopped everything to do drums on cuz the guy is in hospice and doesn't have very long to live so I know time is short. This cancer monster is like a wildfire these days. I know about 6 different sad cancer stories going on right now. And me I'm a cancer survivor. My pal hit me up for this drum track for Jerry. They recorded the guitar, vocals and bass right from his hospice room. Andrew asked me to try some gating to kill the pump that feeds Jerry, which can be heard behind the guitar track. And that's the point I am making here. It's more about the people and friendships than anything. Amazing people all around us!
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I thought I had the email set but I will go back and review. I need a secretary! LOL Thanks for the support Chris. I will do my best to return it.

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great drums, please keep em comin!

and yes...you have to checkbox to be emailed every time you put a jam...bottom of the third upload window...
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sounds like you are a busy camper ;)

I have taken the minute to update the help section with a little screenshot, hope this helps you a little on the notification issue:


Of course you should check if your notification emails were misinterpreted by your spam protection, too!

have fun around!
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Well yes I had the checkmark in there. It was the spam folder thing. I went in and told it they were not spam so hopefully it's working now. There were 3 mails in there that i had not seen.

Someone requested a blues beat earlier. I am going to post one soon and we'll see if my spam folder still kills it. Thanks for the help Dick.
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