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You think you are getting old? Rock till you drop!

You think you are getting old? Rock till you drop!

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Just read this piece about 82 year old Buddy Guy, still rocking hard and bringing out a new album. The article has some great music from his new album, definitely worth reading and having a listen. Jeff Beck and some others are guesting on his record.

Listening to Buddy playing and singing with 82 years on his back gives me hope. Makes me a young whippersnapper :D

These old blues guys are something else, I read a lot of their biographies. Willie Dixon, Muddy Waters, Howling Wolf, Hubert Sumlin, BB King, Albert King and the list goes on..... These cats grew up working HARD, and when they started with music they would work hundreds of days a year, doing two or three sets.

I saw BB king a couple of times when he was deep into his 70ies, he was ROCKING it. Best shows you can imagine. If you ever seen him life, his shows were more funky souly than just blues. Then a couple of years ago I went to see Robin Trower, one of my guitar heroes, a man also in his 70ies, and he was playing that Strat like it was still 1970!

This is what I like about those old musicians, they wanted to make music, be musicians, it was their profession. Nowadays it seems the main objective is to make money and get Twitter famous. Get some records out, then fade away, be a "producer" or a celebrity.

The old chaps, they rock till they drop. Literally. I hope I will annoy everybody with my noodling until my last day :W :D


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I understand what you say. I feel the same.:W
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