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just wanted to say a big thank you to the wikilonians who played a suprise gig at my wedding. It was a great day for me and my wife and it wouldn't have been complete without the live music by these wonderful people. And now - the pictures:
From left to right:
HorstPhil, Dick, Me, Pete-Silence, Janos, machete
Dominik attached the following image:

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Dominik attached the following image:

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Seems to me, that you have a lot of fun there.
Wish you the very best for you and your wife!
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haha great photo !
best wishes again !

Greetz Pete
keep on Jammin'
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hey this pic looks like we were way down the alcohol alley (wich we actually werent at all, lol)
It was a pleasure to jam on your wedding man, and I just realized you and machete were the first wikilonians to get married ;) (not that wikiloops had any part in this (dont blame me!))

I'd like to add, that dominiks wedding band really was a wikiloops-born-band, we didnt know pete and phil before wikiloops... I had a really good time fellas, thank you all again :)
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all the very best to dominik and your new wife,looks like you had a great time. hope you have as many happy years together as i have,errrhem (39)
take care....dave
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hey man, congrats!
nice pics and a nice wiki-story too :)
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Yeah. Thanks to all. I hope I'll get some pics of the actual playing.
hey davebee. 39 years! RESPECT. I hope we can say that one day, too.
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wasn't there someone filming? would be cool to have that material here, if it's okay sounding :)
big thanks for dick to initiate this!
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The best wishes to the young family!
May your feelings for each other stay in tune.
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I just saw these. Congratulations Dominik and Machete!! It's so much fun seeing all of you :)
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