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Extreme time stretching without stuttering

Extreme time stretching without stuttering

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Hi everyone

I have faced for years to achieve good results in the field of stretching, pitch shifting, key change, etc. Many fail in the final result, affecting quality of audio so badly, and others depend on complex processes behind, but a few do it well, easy and fast!
This is about extreme speed variation while preserving pitch and audio quality as it is in a article I post outside recently, so I hope this can help interested users.

Slowdown engines test in Reaper and ASD (Amazing Slow Downer)

Having used time, beat and key/pitch correction for years and met with not satisfactory results on many occasions, I have managed to compile few but successful ways to achieve it. In Cubase, after different versions including 7 and 8 I have been successful but at the expense of some complicated processes.
Today I basically use two methods for in a quickly way slow down or accelerate tempo without changing key and preserving pitch or viceversa (both if you want) and without that annoying stutter associated with inaccurate processes.
One is with Reaper DAW (Cokcos) https://www.reaper.fm/ which natively features a very precise time management linked to its transport control which let you to select time or key/pitch/fine tuning variations/stretching or both, after that you just select the audio segment for rendering and ready, fast and effective. In my opinion is a sample of Reaper power, an incredible DAW!

The "not bundle" plugin method (inside a host) I use is Amazing Slow Downer,https://www.ronimusic.com/ an (amazing) stand alone audio app designed by RONI MUSIC for practicing, looping, stretching and pitch/key changes (unlinked each of the other if you want) With ASD you are able to real time perform of those task and create compilations of your own loops from CD, audio files and even video (audio extracted only).
You can process, render and chain your loops many times you choice and save in wav or mp3 which you can use later in your projects inside your DAW or just for fun/karaoke or make your practice playlist, etc.



- I ain't stating there are no other methods and applications able to achieve similar results, but in my personal experience they are the ones I prefer.-

Some weeks ago I make a test with one of my songs as an example of the two methods. I go just with slowdown, but I can asure you the same great results on up time and key change. However note if you want to preserve tonal quality imprints, consider the use of formant tools.

Reference audio:
[url=https://ia801507.us.archive.org/20/items/SlowdownTestReaperAndASDGuitarTribeByCEA/Slowdown_test_Reaper_and ASD_%28GuitarTribe_by_CEA%29.mp3]Reaper_ASD_stretching_audio_example[/url]

00:00 - original tempo
00:53 - slow down with REAPER DAW, 40% of time reduction
02:13 - slowdown with Amazing Slow Downer to an astonishing 50% !

The original song is in my site:
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