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Experiences with wide fretboards

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I am but a beginner in the world of music. I like to think I started early at 41, that is, before I was dead I decided to learn to play music. So, things are looking gooooood!

I have some seriously large mitts. I have been trying to decide if I should order a custom neck from the likes of Warmoth or USAGC. That has turned into basically a complete custom build to be honest. But, in learning about the tonewoods available, and whether that is even important in solid body electric, and about the pickups and bridge options, blah blah blah - I still don't know if a wide neck will really do anything for me.

So, I am asking for others advice/experience. I like to think things over a LOT before I move, and I don't mind looking at as many viewpoints as possible.

I have tried 1 11/16 guitars. My fingers, down around the 8th fret or so, start to become physically wider than needed. Years of practice will help, but I wonder if a 1 7/8 nut width would help, which is what I can get custom made. Hey, why shouldn't I be able to use a barre form chord as easily as smaller guys, right? lol. That is the goal anyway, but I don't know for sure if that is what I will find, and I certainly don't want to drop that kind of dough on something that really won't make that much difference.

Any thoughts on the matter?

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with the little experience I have as a guitar player, but with some knowledge of what you can do with fretboards, I'd think that if your fingers are too big (sorry, thats how I understood your post), then the problem does not only lie in the distance between the strings (wich may be changed to your needs) but also in the distance between the frets. If you'd want to change that, too, you'll end up with a long scale guitar of some sort, limited only by your arms lenght - you're going to need extra strings for that, too...
ever tried a bass? :)
I just wouldnt buy a custum instrument if I'm a total beginner, that a pricy buy you might not be able to resell well. just my thoughts.
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