February 28th 2015

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... was the date of my first upload to Wikiloops.

I uploaded what, to me, sounded like some boxes being hit with twigs. It's now 7th December 2018 and my uploads, I hope, sound somewhat better.

All of it is thank you to Wikiloops. It's not just my production values which have improved but my playing. I've been playing for well over 30 years now, yet I've improved more in the last three years thanks to this place than my many years of being in bands before that.

Why? How? It's simple. Because every track here is new, every track is fresh.

I don't know what I'm getting and I'm forced to interpret something new. I'm not covering what somebody else has already played. I have to use my playing imagination. This is the value of Wikiloops. It's not just a remarkable practice tool but a vehicle to help players to break out of the routine of 'learning the licks' and put what they learn into a real-world context.

When I was a learner way back in the early '90s, Wikiloops was what I desired, not cassettes of my favourite bands! I don't mean to to ignore the music of our favourite bands - their influence is, of course, vital and we must learn from them - but Wikiloops allows us to go that next step and embrace music where we have to create without any reference. This is brilliant to me.

Thank you Wikiloops. Thank you, Dick (aka Richard, aka Baer).

Just thought I'd mention it.
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Thank you, as well for your dedication, enthusiasm and professionalism, Martin.
It truly inspires people to participate. Its your attitude and work ethic.It is very infectious. I have also seen you unselfishly encourage new people. That is a class act. You have a signature style that is unmistakable.Thank you, sir.
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Very true words, Martin - thanks for those! :)
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Warm and such true thoughts and facts.

I will always remember my first steps too and this famous first jam we did together this feb. 28th!
It was the first of a huge list and this list stills and will still growing growing... :)

Thank you to be here Martin and oh Yes, merci Richard and

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Cheers martin! This site was exactly what was needed. I've never had a desire to play the jazz cliches that are associated with the sax and certainly wasn't interested in "covers". My previous exercise was to just turn on the radio to random stations and try to play along with anything (country, pop, classical, ethnic, etc.) to give a wide rage of challenges and styles.

There was no recording or honing of skills in that instant exercise, so it was limited. As with Martin this site was the exercise needed. I'll probably never understand why anyone would want to be a poor imitation of some "famous" player when they can be themselves.
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