Great job Dick!

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Dick I've seen a lot of collab systems, including my own, and I gotta tell you, you have quite the collab system here! You'll never cover 100% and when a system is powerful it takes a little getting used to. That is always the case. The more I use this system the easier it gets. It's like there is a hump we got over as we use these tools, and then it gets to a point where it just starts to be about the music. I'm still having to look around a bit cuz hell there's a lot here, but the music enjoyment and the connecting with people is definitely happening! It is definitely a successful system! Big thumbs up from a guy who has looked at and tried enough services to know. You done good!

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Yes, I agree with Keeper. Here it's all about the music, and the creativity. I remember once posting an early track on another platform, and getting bashed for it, because people there thought it did not fulfil some requirements to be called 'music'.

So big thumb up.
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If there was a thumbs up for forum posts, I would be clicking it! :)

So let me give it one of these: +1

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sorry for a late response, been busy on the profile :)

Thank you guys for the propps, I really do appreciate it. Its not difficult to foresee how you will like the changes I am making and the way I try to make this as much creativity-pushing and user friendly as possible, so I rely on your feedback.
Thank you keeper for your knowing look at things - it is one of the greatest challenges to keep things a way that will motivate the noob to understand how things work, and I am really happy to hear you keep liking what you discover by time :)
I must say I pretty much went at this project without looking for similar sites much, and I was halfways thru the code when I finally took a look at some collaboration sites... I must say I was really surprised how difficult and slow theese projects seemed to go about, while I had a primary approach of "It needs to be navigable with an upright bass in one hand, standing two steps away from the computer, and it shall playback tracks instantly so I can keep on jamming in a flow" - looks like that concept works for more people than just me :)

None of this would have happened without some really brave people who started posting really great music to wikiloops when it had a meager 50 users... thx guys, thx :)
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I use the Mac and Safari. The profile friends' upload links work great! Download is immediate, riff link works, tree works, everything works! I love it! Thank you
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