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You may call her Catalina
Or by any name that rhymes
Play the hand the dealer gives you
Oh, she'll smoke you every time
In my life I've seen the cheater
Never beat an honest game
However there is nothing sweeter
Yeah, Catalina strikes again

When they ask you have you seen her
At the scene of any flame (or crime)
Just look away -Bridge-
Just walk away
She's not the one to blame

Catalina (repeat and adlib) -Chorus-

Roll 'em twice, then test the dice
Bet to hear your man's advice
My Catalina she's the cleaner
Thank you for your sacrifice

Bridge, Chorus
What is that?
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Thank You for sharing your lyrics I used them on #169283
(note) Guitar and Vocals only Lots-O-Room for adds. :D
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