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FREE Supporter membership offered

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Hi all. I'm offering to sponsor a supporter's membership for one year for an ordinary member (not a current supporter) who writes the best detailed reason why they would value a supporter's membership and why wikiloops is important to them. The replies must be published here (please don't send them to me by PM). Please keep your replies to 300 words or less and publish them here before Jan 31. I would prefer for the moderators to make a decision on who to award the supporter membership to. A decision will be made by the first of February and the supporter's membership paid for and awarded.

I'm sure that there are many very worthy members. Hopefully others may also wish to help sponsor someone as I'm sure it will be difficult to just choose one.

This place is so worth talking up!!!!
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i wanna share my music and wake people up to the truth of this world
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Thanks metaled. You're the first in. Best of luck.
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What a generous offer, Wade! So much so, I'll make that two! I'll jump on Wade's suggestion and offer a second 1-year subscription.

I think this is an excellent chance for players out there who're perhaps undecided about what value having a subscription brings - I totally get that. It's often very hard to decide whether to trust a service and whether it's value for money. I rarely part with my cash for on-line services, apart from Wikiloops (oh, and Spotify, but that's for my daughter's benefit!).

For me, this certainly isn't about 'charity' so do not be afraid to come forward - whether you can afford the subscription or not, I don't need or want to know. You just need to be a keen musician and this is an opportunity to get a risk-free feel for the full Wikiloops experience where you may pass it up otherwise. Nothing more, nothing less.

Lastly, I'm more than happy for the winners to remain anonymous should they so desire.

/Sorry Wade if I've jumped on your fire!
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I just bought a 2 year subscription, but I just wanted to say how generous and kind this gift you are both willing to give is. Wikiloops has been an actual life changer for me...I hope your generosity is a life changer for someone else too! ❤️❤️
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Cool idea Wade :) !
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I discovered wikiloops while searching for local people to jam with, and I think that it might help me find like minded and talented people to share and collaborate with. I was born into a family of musicians. My father was a bass player and working musician when I was growing up. When I was 9 he bought a violin and signed me up for private lessons. (I gave that up when I discovered girls.) At the age of 10 I told my father that I wanted to play guitar. He came home with a used 1954 Martin 0-18 and showed me a few chords. I still have that guitar and will only part with it when I die. I started playing bass around 1972. It didn’t hurt that my father had a 62 Fender jazz bass with a nice Kustom 100 amplifier… and that my younger brother is a great drummer.

Fast forward a few years and I now find myself pretty much with no one to jam with. I don’t even own a bass anymore. I have major heart issues and survive on a meager Social Security income. A couple of years ago I bought a usb interface device with DAW software to help pass time and started recording some crazy stuff that falls out of my head and hands. One would think that maybe some of the guys that you worked with in some very successful bands over the years could take a day or two to come by and jam but no… Music and art are the only things that I have left at this point. Oh, and I need help figuring out what genre this stuff I keep coming up with will likely fit into… If there is one… I really miss jamming with others…
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Thanks BooDoggie, and best of luck.
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Great idea!
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For some folk Wikiloops is a place to improve skills or learn new tricks. For me and I know many others here, Wikiloops is a place to find support and friendship too. This place is a life line for me and it lifts my spirits and helps me deal with my health challenges. Self help music therapy. Im very touched that Wade and MPointon are offering help. And thank you again Dick for the beautiful gift you gave us all.🌈💕🌈
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