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track user interface for the win

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I really like the user interface for tracks, when you choose one of your own in the 'my wikiloops' page. I think it's slightly better than the regular one, you use in the session view. This is because of the asthetics of the thing, I think it's slicker than the main interface, and I like it because of it's usability, the treeview of remixes for example.
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hey kaptain,
thanks a lot for sharing your impression. I always felt the blue jam-view was too styled to look any slick myself ... so I'm neither surprised nor hurt by your conception.
There is some technical issues that arent solved on the profile track view - for example, the playback will restart after you comment or switch between tree view and comment page... that kinda sucks, but I dont see an alternative right now. I believe there is some bugs in the tree view, and you need to know wikiloops to understand what you are looking at there to use it.
I will integrate the display of riffs to the profile player, then all necessary features are available there and we can see what is more useful in the end. I wouldn't mind having both interfaces (I feel a little lack of avatars shown on the profiles tracks, but I'll keep them out to keep it slick), I think the old one is good to understand the concept, the profile version is more for people who understood how this place works.

keep me updated with all ideas ;)
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Dick, you have to use AJAX to dynamically change page content. Maybe jQuery? It's nice library.
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er... yes. maybe. no surely. whenever someone pays me to do it...

no, just kidding.
I will be programming again in a few weeks, wont promise too much right now, but we will do some changes to the interface as well.
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