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About LUFS meters, and the loudness war

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Hey all,

I thought that some of you might be interested in this short but good introduction to the topic of loudness:


All my uploads have an average (integrated) -16dB while my true peaks stay at -1dB (to prevent distortion from a simple MP3 conversion for instance).

There are many LUFS meters from different makers on the market, and some DAWs like the free (as in freedom, for a compiled version you are still supposed to pay *something*) Ardour ( see ardour.org ) can even automate this, and make it a simple choice and a one-click solution when exporting your music.

Btw: what Ardour doesn't do is accepting MP3 input - you'll have to change those to .wav with other tools like the also free Audacity first.

Hope this helps some,
and cheers,

P.S. (Edit): here is the export dialog of Ardour, as an example for the selected DVD-A (48k) output. See the top line, and the choices there? It's as easy as that, no matter if you have a good and dynamically mixed track, or an overly compressed one - it will stay at -16dB and -1dB:


You can find the screenshot in its original size at https://www.flickr.com/photos/wjlonien/46797346491/sizes/o/

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Totally agree with you friend. I use a LUFS meter calibrated at -23 db and a limiter if the result is too low as a loudness.Reaper has preordered actions to do this in one step.
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