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I learned a good lesson today.

I am a real database girl, and love to keep stats on what song I've uploaded where, when, and with whom. I printed out the database I've compiled for WikiTunes, but it didn't give me the same count as I see on my page: 89 jams. After much printing out of song titles in my database, I simply couldn't get the Wiki number and my database number to agree. After LOTS more "arrrggghhhhh!"ing, my sweetie said ARE YOU SURE WIKILOOPS IS COUNTING JAMS THE SAME WAY YOU ARE? I told him I was confident that the Big German Server in the Sky does not Lie. He then counted all the tracks on my Wiki tracks page = and sure enough, he counted 83 tracks - AND a database match! I reckon the Private Band thing is what I didn't take into account. This is how we learn!

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and possibly the deleted jams could be a difference too ...
clusters Clusters CLUSTERS !!!!!!
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Good point, Oliv!
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