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New here? please read this!

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A warm welcome to all new members!

there are a few things I'd like to point your attention to.
Thank you for really reading this, I'll be as short as possible!

1st: There are a few rules you should know
wikiloops is a moderated place.
Our invitation towards anyone is sincere, but we do expect you to stick to a few general rules.
- Keep it nice. We do not tolerate rudeness, bashing or bad language.
If you feel the urge to tell someone something he did was not matching your taste or expectation, feel free to do so in a diplomatic way. Criticism is valuable and welcome, as long as it is constructive.
- Be aware you are on international grounds! Many users of wikiloops are not native english speakers, so be carefull not to use of slang or irony, which may not translate well.
The definitions of "polite" & "funny" vary strongly around our globe, please keep that in mind.
- uploading music that is under copyright is not allowed on wikiloops.

Be aware that we are actually enforcing these rules - people who cannot use wikiloops without crossing these lines will be disclosed.
These are some of the ingredients why wikiloops is a fun place to be.

2nd: We would like to get to know you a little!
You don't have to show your birth certificate or pictures of your car, but I think it will be interesting to know what instruments you play, what country you are from (its so nice to have a global jam...) and people will have it easier recognizing you if you have a little avatar, so after reading this to the end, please go and edit your profile a little.
If you feel like it and want to tell us about how you got here and what your interests are, feel free to open a "hello here I am thread" in this forum!

3rd: I dont want to keep you from jamming, but please do us all one more favor:
Most of you will propably have found this site by recommendation in another forum. Please don't forget to tell other musicians in that forum that you like wikiloops, or give us a like on facebook to help us a little getting the word out!

4th: Enjoy using wikiloops !
Yes, there are many ways of navigating from jam to jam, and it will take a little to discover them all. Make sure to check the faqs if you get stuck at any point, and please take the time to read the tutorials before posting your first audio. Dont be affraid, the way this works is embarassingly simple and you will get a much better understanding of how different jams are crosslinked if you take a little read there.
Please feel free to ask any open question here or suggest something, anyone will profit!
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I am new to this site and I am a bass player first. I have been taking drum lessons for a year now and getting ready to play "live" where ever it might be. so far from what I've heard these tracks sound a whole lot better than my Alesis drum machine. Are members are recording from their own kits and posting ? I could be wrong but in any case , see you at the forums......................:)
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Welcome to wikiloops drummerrm,
as far as I know, most drums on here are real recorded loops. Some add effects later (Adam), but 99% is the real thing :-)
Special thanks to bear for his patience when recording the base-beats of this plattform, spent three days in the studio to record theese sets of different tempo, different style beats for us all to use. hope there will be more joining and posting, so everyone will find something of their likings.
And YES, i like playing to real records much more than playing to drummachienes, too. Just has that human touch no machiene will ever do :-)
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Hi guys,;)

I am new here. I play lots of musical instruments such as: accustic and electric guitar, bass, bandolim, piano, keyboard and the violin.
I am very happy to know Wikiloops and a lots of musician in it. I hope to find here many kinds of musicth I had not experienced yet.

A big hug to everyone here.

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I've just read this today. Awesome! :D
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I'm new to this wonderful site! I think this is just perfect what you've done. A free, open, collaborative stage for everyone to write and jam? That's a true dream come true for me. I've always wanted to be a musician that jams with a ton of people across multiple genres and this came along to scratch that off of my bucket list!
I'm from the USA, I'm a solo artist loving in an area where music died and still hasn't come back. The only way to get a gig here is to only play covers like Jimmy buffet and brown eyed girl.... No thank you lol.
I play guitar, bass, drums, vocals, engineering, programming, production, sampling, synths, and mandolin. I most enjoy playing progressive rock and metal but I'm open to playing anything. If anyone ever needs special catered guitar loops please feel free to hit me up.
Also i was wondering if there was a way to openly request a specific style of drum beat or similar across instruments?
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Hey & welcome to the 'loops :)
You are free to post track requests here via the forum, but on-demand-tracks are not necessaryly how people work on wikiloops (with the exeption of "private band"-projects set up with the purpose to do just that).
Getting to "know" some active players and letting them know you'd be happy if they'd do something in the direction of XYZ is probably the key here :)
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That's awesome. Well I'll definitely offer my services for on demand high quality tracks and loops. Man after 25 years of playing i wish i would have found this place so much sooner!
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Hey everyone my name is John but go by the name of Warhawk (courtesy of my grandson) I asked him to pick a name and he picked pj mask, I asked him to try again and Warhawk was born. I play Electric guitar, Acoustic guitar, really looking forward to hearing my templates come alive through collaboration
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