our first video :D

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This is my band's first video. None of us have done anything like this before, I'd love to know what you guys think...

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Big Up!!! Chris, i like it, it is pro!!:)
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very good chris!where you based?doing any gigs around northeast area?
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not yet matey ;)

I'm in Northampton, the other guys are in Bedfordshire and Buckinghamshire. We've got gigs in Bedford and Milton Keynes next month, first one is only 3 weeks away now :o
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Chris, this is great! Professional quality - tight, present, straight forward. Thumb up
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This is very nice. Reminds me of dredg.
And the video looks professional, you can see sometimes, that you're using a home video camera, but scenes like that one in the pub (2:08) look high quality.
-The computer should be doing the hard work. That's what it's paid to do, after all. - Larry Wall
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Thanks guys!

I really like the zooming-in bit in the pub - it came out really well :)
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Wow - that is very professional!! I like your music. Great stuff!!
Tha bass has to be a lil louder...!
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Great Chris, impressed looks very pro:)
There's a reason why women love us bass players.The tone is like Barry White's voice, and the strings are thick like Ron Jeremy's...well, you get the point.:D
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yeah cool ! looks nice ! want to have a video too ;-)
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