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Equipment must have if you have the dineros?

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Just ordered more Drum Tec mesh drum heads both the Design and real feel series .I have been using two of them on the kick and snare. So far these are some of the best and most durable heads I have used ,..never every buy Billy Blast heads . Next purchase is a used Roc n soc drum throne.A wonderful well built piece of equipment. Finally , Magix Samplitude X4 audio production software what a great tool ,still... still learning how to mix . Purchased at Christmas for $200.00 it is a very complete set up for most needs .Just sharing these items I have researched and purchased, passing on my opinions .What is your latest purchase ? g
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I'm a bass player, but my latest purchases were all from the drums department:

https://www.session.de/bounce-JB2-Brushes.html - and before these,
https://www.session.de/bounce-JB4-Brushes.html and

All wonderful instruments which I still have to learn to play (but that's the fun part of it, no?). I used the "middle" ones already on a song here:


Played on an empty Amazon carton which normally belongs to our cat :)

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Roland Blues Cube Artist...... 'nuff said!
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My last purchase is an Akai MPD218 for finger drumming using EZ DRUMMER. No worries...I prefer real drummers always but I do alot of demos and things so it gets a basic idea track down.

Lets be honest...you Loop drummers are a busy breed and getting one of you "on demand" aint happening.

I had a full size Yamaha electronic drum set and it just wasnt for me.


My dream purchase is this.... Kemper Profiler. Super HD guitar and you can "profile " guitar tones from songs and store them. I need someone to loan me $3000

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I use a Roc 'n' Soc drum throne. It is simply the comfiest place to be ever. They are eye-wateringly expensive for what they are but nothing else comes close in the comfort vs. support stakes. Despite the painful price, if you're going to be spending upwards of two hours on it at a time, it needs to be damn right.

I could not be without my Roc 'n' Soc.

My musical shopping list is a tad more mundane: I need new Ambassador heads all round which isn't a cheap exercise on an 8-piece kit. That's the priority for me. After that, I need another SM57 and, if money was less of an object, replace my overheads with AKG large diaphragm CS314s.
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I'd suggest a Hammond B3 tonewheel organ (or C3, or A-100) and a Leslie 122 or 147... My last buy was a bass though, a Human Base Roxy, great for recording, and before that a Neo Ventilator, makes recording off a Hammond a lot easier and sounds great.
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I love my 30-year-old American Standard Strat, it's a great guitar, and it will get a complete fret refurbishment in a month - but if I had a lot of money I would buy myself a vintage Gibson Les Paul :O
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