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Hello musicians guys

A few months ago, I wrote a message about help for a WikiLoops partner, in very serious difficulties, due to the unstable political situation in his country.

Later I deleted it because the government of his country through the bots tracked information and any comments were made that could cause problems.

At this time, they practically no longer have food and suffer cuts in electric power for several days.

Sometimes, in addition to not having electricity, they do not have an internet connection either, so they can hardly communicate to give thanks for the help.

Both Mario -GlezBass- and I, are in contact with him. Some other people have sent him money so they can continue to survive. Thank you in his name.

If you want to make a contribution to help him and his family, write me a private message or to Mario -GlezBass- and we will tell you a secure system so you can help them.

His basic but urgent needs for him and his family at this time are to stock up on food for a few days and batteries, flashlights, candles, medicines, water etc. since the electrical system, despite being partially restored, is still restricted and rationed.

Please, MAXIMUM DISCRETION in answers because the situation for him and his family is very hard and complicated. Any indication of his identity will cause serious problems. I hope you understand me.

I also hope you understand that this is not any kind of lucrative message for anyone, it's just a person from the Wiki Loops family who is asking us for help.

Music is a universal language and I think it is important to help this great musician.

Any kind of help will be welcome for these people who are living in both the real darkness and the emotional darkness of not knowing what will happen each day when they open their eyes.

Best regards.
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