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Criterias for deleting own recorded tracks

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I would to help keeping clean up trhe WL by deleting some of my recorded tracks, but what're the right criterias to select what to delete?

So, I ask you help me to find out those criterias I need to apply.

I thought about theese criterias:
1. Quality: my first tracks were not well recorded e mixed
2. Stats: Tracks with 0 dowloads that for any reason don't satisfy me anymore (even this criteria could be a bit risk because I downloaded and played more tracks with 0 downloads)
3. my experiments

Any consideration about is very welcomed :)

Updated the above criterias after considering the post of GBD and GlezBass.

Thank you :)
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Hey, you can delete any of your tracks provided nobody has remixed them already, as simple as that :) . The only reason we will delete a track that has already been remixed is when there is a copyright issue.

I hope this answers your question :)
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Yes TeeGee :)

I know that I can delete only my track with no remix branches, thnx :)

Why do you could delete a your own track?
What's the drive that makes you to take that choice?

Thnx :)
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I only delete a track if I uploaded, and then found it had a big mistake (instrument missing, or even I uploaded the wrong track or maybe a really bad mistake). But that usually happens the same day after I upload. But other than that I personally don't delete tracks...
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Just deleted 2 tracks today that I uploaded Sunday. No “down loads” so no one should be working on them.
I wasn’t satisfied with my vocals and would like to try again.

(Note) If you click on a "Deleted Track This is the response.

"Sorry,it seems this track belongs to a band project to which you have not been invited, it should not have showed up on your newsfeed, sorry bout that"

It should also say (May have been Deleted)
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GDB thnx :)

You helped me to make a better focus on my second criteria: doesn't matter the number of feedback. The number of downloads really indicate if someone is working on the track.
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The criteria that you have commented are all valid in my opinion: quality of the recording, final personal satisfaction, confusion in the upload to the tree of jams, of course copyrights ... maybe not working with the jam is the least appropriate because I I have worked with tracks from years ago not downloaded by anyone, WL becomes a true library of good templates and jams over the years ....
maybe the self-criticism is the most sensible criterion, if you do not like the author maybe nobody likes it ... :)
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