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How to Write Great Songs- Tutorial

How to Write Great Songs- Tutorial

Lyric #2062 by DrStrgeglv

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1. Be in the write mood

2. Find a song- one that moves you emotionally

3. Concentrate on the song and figure out where the lyrics will fit (count syllables, etc).

4. Hum or "la, la" through the chorus for a bit

5. Let the song write itself by spitting out a few words that flow well. They don't have to mean anything yet.

6. Enter those words in your notepad and practice the chorus until it fits right

7. Think about what those words may mean to someone else. Imagine their story... what do they want?

8. Imagine being that person, singing this song... in their situation

9. Figure out where the verses go in the song, counting syllables- doesn't have to rhyme, just flow. Choose nice sounding words with long vowels and lots of "S", "L", "D" and "M" sounds... this is most important- pleasant sounding words.

10. Let those words support the chorus, leading the listener to the prize. From there you're on your own, but but just being in the right state of open mind is key. If you make the song about you, you're limiting your source material. Make it about someone else from an empathetic P.O.V. (as though you're a film character playing a role).

The End!
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