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I have been strongly interested in music since I was about 9, 10 years old, that was around 1975. Funnily enough, I still feel that the best rock music comes from the roughly 10-year timespan between 1967 - 1977. Obviously, there is still great music produced since (and also some horrible stuff), for instance, I love me a good hip-hop track, I love a trippy trippy trip hop track, Punk, even some metal and so on. But for me, the end of the 60ies till about the end of the 70ies was the time when rock music grew up, got sorted out and really good before it got to elaborate and was brought back to basics and beyond by Punk - although by that time a lot of fashion and style got into the mix, social messages etc. (when my ultra-uncool aunt started to have pink hair I knew the fight had been lost :P ). So, from the early 60ies "I wanna hold your hand" it got to the Allmann Bros, Led Zeppelin, Free, Robin Trower - Drums, Guitars, Bass, Singers, Hammond long hair, jeans, boots, motorcycles, chicks. No plastic involved other than the guitar pick, humming valve amps, oil dripping motorcycles, rock and roll! And for me as a young lad, I would wait for the weekly "Hitparade" chart show, listening to the pop music of the day, a lot of glam rock - great musical times.

Anyway, I listen to a lot of music in the background while I work, most days I would think of a band or singer I like, go to youtube and select full albums and let it run. Many of these will be records I have on vinyl at home, so they are old friends who are with me since that age. So today I start with Mungo Jerry - most people would have heard their mega hit "In the Summertime". The record is called "Electronically Tested / Baby Jump" from 1971 - I got that record and it is always a fun record to listen.

So here we go: Write "mungo jerry electronically tested full album" in the search tab in youtube , and you will get it. And below is their big hit "in the Summertime"

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....and we follow it up with a track from Mungo Jerry's first self titled album - it must be the happiest merriest "yeehaah" end-of-the-world-song ever :O - but this song is as relevant today as when it was written 50 years ago, no?

There's peace in the country when the sun goes down,
The corn is getting on high,
The war is over an there's peace all around,
I'm gonna stay here 'till I die, yeah,
I'm gonna stay here 'till I die
The war was bad but it didn't last long,
Millions are dead and gone,
Nuclear warheads flying all around,
Somebody dropped the bomb, yeah,
Somebody dropped the bomb
There was blood in the mountains, blood in the sea,
Blood everywhere I trod,
Women were dying, children too,
And everybody lost, yeah, everybody lost
Now the sun's getting lower, and the shadows are cast,
I can see the corn getting high,
No fish in the ocean, no birds in the air,
Just dust 'cause someone dropped the bomb, yeah,
Dust 'cause someone dropped the bomb
Damn the politicians, dictators and all, whoever got us into this mess,
I'm the only one left with all my senses and limbs,
I dunno what's happened to the rest, no, I dunno what's happened to the rest

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Ich war damals 14, 15 Jahre alt, als ich auf einem Ferienevent für eine Radiosendung ausgewält wurde.Als Belohnung bekam ich einen Gutschein für den besten Plattenladen in meiner Stadt.Rate, was ich mir damals ausgesucht habe hehe. In the summertime als single!!!

Jetzt ging es aber erst richtig los.

Diese Konzerte bleiben mir unvergessen:
DeepPurple in Erstbesetzung, ELP, Rory Gallagher, Ten Years After, eben genau die aus dieser Zeit. Emerson, Lake and Palmer hinterliessen mit ihrer Bühnenshow bleibenden Eindruck. Bei Graig Lake von ELp sah ich auch zum ersten mal eine Doppelhalsgitarre.Das Motorrad von Keith Emerson, eine Laverda 750 Dreizylinder, war meine Traummaschine. Hehe
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I have been listening to this somewhat obscure 70ies band a couple of times in the past few days, their version of Tobacco Road and Jumping Jack Flash are very cool.

Also interesting is their backing of Littel Richard, who must have seen someting in them too. Here is a little baclground and video clips with Richards https://www.sandiegoreader.com/bands/jamul/#

SO have a listen and dive back into a time when rock was still rock and roll was still rollin :W !!

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Yea, klasse

TeeGee, wenn Du Lust hast gib mir eine Vorlage, dann reissen wir die Strasse auf. Lol:W:W<3
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Noch nicht ganz so alt aber ein Harper, den ich schätze, leider auch schon verstorben. Total unterschätzt!!!!

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I was a hard rock guy in high school in the 70s (still am I guess but broadened my interests over the years), and UFO was one of my favs. I thought they were big back in the day, but they seem to have faded a bit in recognition these days. Michael Schenker is still one of my favorite guitarists. The first track shows off his skills and sound, evident really throughout the album. He is very melodic in his playing and has great feel. Never a note out of place with him. I used to put this on the turntable and rock on :)

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Ill check them out. I have a thing for obscure 70s bands.

If you ever are bored , simply type "Obscure 70's Hard Rock " or "1972 hard rock album" into Youtube. You would be surprised the great bands that never made it but put out albums between 1968 -1974:

One of my all time fav "Obscure 70s bands"....
ALL their albums are fantastic!

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Oh I often do LW, there is indeed some great stuff there :) I will post soon another one like that :W
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Orang Utan

OK lads, here is a brilliant typical 70ies band that had their album released without them knowing and never got a penny. Twin lead guitars, Check! One-lunged singer? Check! Great rock songs, check!! Now if you read the story on the link from 2006, you can see in the comments below the article that the ACTUAL band members met on the same comment page for the first time in 30 years, and were talking about a comeback. Is that cool or what?? The album has been re-issued since, so maybe they got some money. But give it a listen it is really cool 70oes guitar rock.

STORY: http://waxidermy.com/blog/orang-utan-same-1970-bell-records/

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Tee, Just stumbled on this my friend....

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Cool find, thank's for reminding me of this great band!! I have their 1968 "Blues Helping" vinyl in my possession since the early 80ies, must have listened to it a thousand times. Their version of Summertime is simply great, top material :O

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Lstening that first Jamul song and now that Summertime reminded me instantly of the Dutch band Brainbox with Jan Akkerman on guitar...


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how about some Matching Mole ? i can't say for sure how many hundreds of times i've played this record (and also the Little Red Record) ...

clusters Clusters CLUSTERS !!!!!!
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I think I was about 12 or so, and at home in bed with a broken leg - and this was the first record I ever got:


The second I think was Deep Purple "In Rock". Then, a bit later, Uriah Heep, Ten Years After, Rory Gallagher, Wishbone Ash, later Yes & Genesis, going to Santana and a bit of Flora Purim / Airto. Then Jean-Luc Ponty - but you can hardly call that "Rock Music" anymore, see where I was going... :)
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This week's nostalgic look at 70ies rock music finds a cool mixture between Sabbath and Led Zepellin


Those who are interested in reading about this one-album wonder band can do it here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Leaf_Hound

And finally, while I was listening to this record for a 4th time the past few days, it reminded me a lot of Jeff Buckley (Album "Grace"), the singing and phrasing - a LOT of similarities. Was Jeff a fan? Did he ever listen to the Leaf?? We'll never know but it is a known fact that Jeff was a huge Zep fan, so...
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Just memories. So many memories of my dad and the electronic music he loved so much. The full album, The Elektrik Cokernut does Go Moog just has memories for me. So many. Mostly because there's a cassette copy of the LP I've linked above in my dad's cassette collection where the record player jumps whilst recording track 3, I think. Why? Because my brother and I were having chair races in the living room and we bumped into the shelves that held the record and cassette player. That jump is recorded for eternity.

Priceless. Utterly priceless memories.
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From 1966
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This weeks band is called Spirit and their self titled debut album from 1968. Not only a very good band, they have a long history with trying to sue Led Zeppelin for "Stairway to heaven" - their song called Taurus. If you are interested in this, here is a link with the whole story, an interesting read. https://www.cheatsheet.com/entertainment/what-song-is-led-zeppelin-accused-of-plagiarizing-for-stairway-to-heaven.html/

Spirit the Band was not a one hit wonder, but produced 11 albums https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spirit_(band). A very fine album worth listening to is called "Twelve Dreams Of Dr. Sardonicus" - check it out on Youtube.

So here it is: Spirit by Spirit:

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