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Got picked up last week on band mix for a group in Atlanta. Jammed with some guys a good fit very eclectic sound. Great digs for practicing, a music studio. I have appreciated wikiloops for helping me build my chops over the last couple years. Will be doing some live jamming this summer for a change. Hopefully can get some gigs out. Definitely more challenging playing live. Thanks again for all.g
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Well done, go and enjoy yourself!! Life playing is cool indeed! What I found is that I tend to play much more "safer" when playing live, whereby in the recording studio that is my sofa I can allow myself to go wild on stuff. Anyway, good for you, and don't forget your buddies @ Wikiloops when you are famous :D
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The difficulty in finding a group to jam with is so frustrating. Many things to consider type of music, age group, location and of course where you will Jam. Glad to get an opportunity at age 60. Will keep the drumming mild for a while. Nothing quite like having somebody look at you with, "what the heck are you doing"? Glaring in their eyes.

No chance of being famous TeeGee will never live long enough. All that time playing on wikiloops really helped out. Not going anywhere unless Joe Satriani needs another drummer,Yeah right.

Played in a number of bands in my early twenties. It has been so long. Hope to find some gigs at some Churches in the local area. Love playing worship music as well.

Encourage other guys, gals on the wiki seek opportunities to play in all areas. There are some pretty good musicians on this site. Iron sharpeneth iron. Thanks TeeGee.
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Go for it Brother Greg :W:D
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