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First shot at recording an Export kit

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Just finished recording a few drum strokes after having placed a couple of mics in a small room to motivate my kids (11 & 17) to play.
I was just wondering if this sounds okay, or downright nasty :)
I had to temper the boominess (EQ) quite a bit. And I did boost the highs considerably.

Also: You will notice my drumming skills are extremely close to nonexistent... :D

So anyway, a soundclip:

Attached a pic of the (poorly?) mic'd up kit.
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Sounds pretty good, clean! I've heard a lot worse!! :D
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Hey CN, sounds good - clean and well-separated. You could consider moving the mics a little closer to remove some of the room sound - or put a load of soft furnishings in the room to reduce echo, but my only advice would be to make sure the mics are an equal distance from the centre of the snare and bass drum. This will help with sound clarity.

I'm afraid moving mics around the kit is just a trial-and-error process - trying to find those 'sweet spots' is damn difficult!

As an aside, I hear the classic Pearl Export snare drum sound. If you want to get rid of the 'doofiness' of its sound, tune it higher and damp it lots to kill the ring. A good way to damp a snare is to use duct tape but fold a part of it in the middle together so it leaves a bit sticking up. Like this:

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Thanks for the advice, Martin! Will surely take some serious trialing and erroring :)
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