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Looking for musicians to join a project

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Hello ladies and gentlemen!

I am looking for musicians willing to give their time and effort to complete an album of progressive rock. Or at least I think that is what it is going to be.

A drummer, a bass player, a solo guitarist, and one Mark Zinzer. :)

That would do, me thinks.

So if you are into a experimental project about progressive rock (or something) Please do not hesitate to contact me. What I wish from you is ability to record your own playing with 16 bit (like in Garage Band) using .wav -form.

I will give directions about what I need in during the project, but also will let you express yourself quite freely. Basicly, you do your stuff and I will use it, or use part of it. Credits will be given and names of the participants will be shown on my personal webpage.

Talking about that, here is a link to my (unfortunately all in Finnish) webpage. Just scroll down the homepage and you will find links in boxes, (Part I, Koivusaari and Joulu). Give them a listen. If you like what you hear, please contact me and we will discuss on how to proceed with the project.

Oh I see I can attach a mp3 here, so here is one of those clips, this one is from "Joulu"
feat. Mark Zinzer in sax and Mikko Jarvinen in eg.


Ari Jalokinos aka Indyxpress

Edit: I wonder... no mp3 visible, and also my web-address has gone astray... Let's try again: https://www.ari-jalokinos.com/

Still no luck with the mp3. Direct links to Drobpox: JOULU: https://www.dropbox.com/s/28o90rqf6xsxg1q/Joulu%20-%20versio%203.3.mp3?dl=0

Koivusaari: https://www.dropbox.com/s/kcubws3xhpfm2qm/Koivusaari_versio_1.mp3?dl=0

Koivusaari needs a new guitar track with proper tuning :)
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I played something for the soundcloud track. I put this in a band room, to which I invite you. If it suits you, do what you want with it.
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