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Three Guitar Mods That Have Changed The Entire Game(And Have Made Me Fall In Love With My Guitars Ag

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Ive recently spent a small fortune upgrading all my guitars.

It was very well planned and alot of research done.

Three of the mods that were done by a professional luthier are absolute game changers.
I hope to inspire some of you as they really werent all that expensive in themselves but whoa baby.....these guitars are BEASTS now.

They are:



There are three types of guitar wiring:
50's style
Jimmy Page

The thing with 1950's style is that the tone control becomes a friend to be used and not just simply cranked to 10. The tone knob scoops the mids so when you turn down, you do not lose highs.
This gives infinite opossibilites for tone and the blending pickups gets really interesting and useful.

Modern wiring , when you turn down the tone knob, everything turns to mud. Definitley the opposite with 50's style.

You can buy premade harnesses for most guitars that require little if any soldering. I spent a bit more and purchased mine from Creamtone.com

Please research it if interested. 50s style wiring gives endless possibilities and will make you love your guitar even more knowing that you dont get mud when you drop the tone knob from "10 to "5".

You can also buy a kit and make your own if you are handy with a solder gun.

I LOVE IT and its brought out so much range in all my guitars now.



Guitars have tone capacitors.They are usually soldered on the tone or volume pot. Many Chinese and korean built guitars use general , low quality caps and thats why a $300 guitar sounds like well...a $300 guitar. A $5000 guitar will have more higher quality caps and well....the sound is better.

However there is a cap called "the Bumblebee". I special ordered a capacitor that was built in 1947 and its reading dropped to .047 microfarads over time making it perfect for a guitar. This thing is HUGE and made from paper in Oil.

There is no video or sound clip I can share that would ever give you the proper concept of how this literally makes your guitar 3D. Every sound on the string is amplified in a good way without unwanted finger sounds.
You have to do it to experience it. Bumblebees cost alot ($60 USD 80 Euros maybe)but of all the guitar mods I was skeptical about...this mod made my 335 the best sounding guitar i have ever played and ive played some expensive guitars.

This is what holds your $600 Squier from sounding like a true fender or les paul. This is the missing link to really squeezing every ounce of tone out of a well built guitar.

I cannot praise this modification enough and doing it will totally change your guitar to sound like any expensive guitar out there. Your guitar will become 3D and alive and high definition.

But do your homework because there are three different cap values depending on your pickup configuration.There are also "Orange Drop "caps that may be better suited for Ibanez's or PRS's.Still awesome caps.

Seriously....this is an awesome mod that you cannot get an idea of unless you actually have it in your hands.It is scary knowing you are paying alot and not sure what is going to happen but those who have done it, never go back.



Brass nuts and bridges were a fad in the 80's. Problem was the metallic "clackyness" of the strings. However used sparingly can really bring warmth and clarity to a guitar. In my case i has a bridge made for my 335 by a German company called ABM.

The brass is a higher grade and more purer metal used for church bells. Its called "Bell Brass".


Its not metallic or chimey at all. Its warm, clear and strings vibrate FOREVER.

Worth every penny and the sustain is incredible with a proper guitar setup.

Telecasters are especially benefited from this mod and its very popular for them although all guitars are open to it.

Provided your guitar setup is correct and no problems otherwise...I hope you maybe look into these mods because they tryuly are incredible but each guitar is different so research...research...research...and ask questions.

Its scary changing things but I will never again NOT have these mods on any guitar I own. Just want to share.

Later taters....Happy Jamming!
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I am no stranger to wiring and doing my own mods to amps and guitars. I have gotten lazy about doing these kind of things. But your post has very much sparked my interest. I will look into this more with my Schecter in mind for the mod. Awesome post my friend. Live long and prosper V
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Im telling ya, Rick...the tone cap thing is unreal. Its like a natural preamp boost. I was like ..."I am insane for dropping $50 on a stupid capacitor thats over 45 years old and Im not even confident itll work". It grabs alot of lost signal between string and magnet. Theres also Spragues and Orange Drops depending what you got.You have to research or ask harness builders what they recommend.

The Spragues and Orange Drops you can get for $4-10 on Ebay or Amazon. They are much cheaper but still superior to most chinese or korean electronics.The important thing is to make sure they are PIL (Paper In Oil)

The 50's wiring actually makes the tone knob useable.It really shines when blending pickups and you maybe want to add or subtract some bass. It really warms things up.You are controlling lower mids which makes it way more useable.

If you have a guitar you dont get excited about, the cap will transform it into a beast.

The capacitor upgrade and the 50s wiring DO NOT CHANGE THE GUITARS OVERALL SOUND. They enhance what is already there. the cap reclaims lost signal and the wiring controls the lower mid muddy regions making low end much clearer and punchier.
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