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Spam in Europe?

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I'm just curious. Do people eat Spam in Europe?

People in the USA (except Hawaii, where they pretty much LOVE it), either love it ... or hate it and consider it to be just a notch above dog food in quality.

It's too salty for me. In taste. And now that I'm on a low-sodium doctor-ordered diet, I can't eat it anyway even if I did like it!

Anyway, I'm just curious. It's kind of a universally understood word for unwanted advertising, but I just wondered how many people have actually tried Spam (the food).

If you haven't -- your not missing anything! On your next vacation to Hawaii, try some then. ;)



~ Jan
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hey jan,

thank god, they dont sell spam in germany :) I had the chance to try it when I lived in the states, but didnt take it for good reason...
I used to be a proud SPAM-T-Shirt wearer tho I darkly remember :)
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... to all who dont know what spam is... germans would call it "Dosenfleisch" - what a gross invention
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Hi Jan, an old friend of mine was a horrible cook.
His favorite salad was: Put Spam and red beans in a great bowl with corn - finish :(
Don't eat this twice...
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It's worse when it's cooked. We used to be fed spam fritters for lunch at primary school - cut into 1cm slices, battered and shallow fried

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