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Free Vst plugin for guitar and voice

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Camel is good!
Amplifier model LE456 on right (blue section)
For choirs I use Clone Ensemble V42 plugin
It's free too.

Maximer plugin:
Aradaz - Aradaz Maximizer 5
Aradaz Maximizer 5 has great performance of limiting audio signal. It has no pumping effect, easy to use, simple and free.
Maximize parameter
2 speed types (normal and fast)
Attack and release characterization -Output parameter (never exceed 0 dB)
Sample rates up to 192 kHz
64 bit internal processing
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More Vst free on:
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Can you please help? I am looking for Reverb/Chorus etc.

I am a Newbie to DAW and VST. Some years ago, when recording to my mixerconsoles Yamaha MD8-discs I used to work with a external Lexicon MPX100 per Aux-Return. With the effect-out mixed in there was a clear feeling of "the sun is coming up" - no matter what Lexicon-effect you choose. You won't shut this device down when doing the endmix, once you heard it! It is not neutral, it is warm.

In VST all I can hear until now is simply harsh, cold and sounds cheap. It really doesnot improve the original sounds at all. No matter what you do. It sounds bad or it doesnot matter at its best.

Do you know a VST Plugin of high quality to give it a try in Reaper?
Thanks for some advice. Won't someone make a A/B-demonstration in Wikiloops, e.g. "how I improved this song with this VST-plugin on versus off"?

I put a guitarrecording (ID#14146) online today, please feel free to load it down, only improve the sound by your experience in your DAW, load it up again, so everybody can listen to the quality of the VST. Thanks for giving it a try!
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hey Nero :)
Most pre-installed plugins are like you describe them... even with costly DAWs like cubase. You may find some really good VST plugins by reknown companies like NativeInstruments, UA, or TimeWorks - i bet even Lexicon algorythms will be available - the downside being these plugins cost pretty much the same as the standalone hardware devices, and are protected against private copying...
There is a lot of cracked stuff out there, which carries the risks you'll always have to deal with in this segment, so I wouldnt want to promote that really. I used to work with the timeworks MilleniumPlugins Package and the Native Instruments creative suit, just to name two I would recommend - maybe some of the linux brothers are able to recommend some more freewarish tools - i bet the reaper forum has a section on the issue, too.
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mixing in a DAW is pretty much something you have to get used to ... so i guess you have to do a lot of trials and error before finding what works for you !

Nero, there are several things in what you said about plugins that lead to the following questions : how did you use the plugins you tried ? insert/bus ? there's a strong possibility that the way you set it up brought you to think they were crappy ... too much effect kills the effect yanno ?
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