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[Suggestion] Filenames when downloading

[Suggestion] Filenames when downloading

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Hello everyone,

I have a suggestion about naming the files when downloading. When saving/downloading, I usually find myself adding the genre manually to the filename being saved, and usually (not always) the track title. I understand the limitations for track title to be added to the standard wikiloops_jam_ID[_SUFFIX].EXTENSION template -- like special characters, length, loopholes for excessive self-promotion, etc -- but the Genre is a mandatory category from the fixed small array and thus can be used safely in generating the filename. It would also be great if genre could be put right at the beginning, for better sorting.

Looking realistically (not all track parameters could be filled on upload or ever), me personally would prefer it to look like this (Discuss):


This way all files will be categorized, without making the folder on HDD too crowded.

And also, the secondary sorting will be naturally in place, within genres (by track ID).

Discuss, amend, reject, propose, object -- anything you deem necessary.
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Just a quick question:
Since the genre is part of the mp3s internal id3 tags, you might be able to sort your folder by genre if you configure your windows folder to show the id3-tags...(that should be available where one can control the view/details/media preview option of certain folders) - ever tried that?
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Thank you for the fast response at this saturday morning about some minor or even cosmetic feature.

Well, this is definitely a workaround! :)

Just occured to me one more point: it could also improve regular search (without pre-indexing). I do not use search much, but maybe someone does. For some time now, I turn indexing off first thing I install Windows, otherwise my slow 5400 rpm 4tb HDD will start to lose sectors in 6 months, simultaneously disturbing and causing literal drops while recording (which happened many times)...

Anyway, thanks for the idea! Works perfectly in table view
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