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How I do it...

How I do it...

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Digging the WikiLoops to no end... I am like a crusader/cult recruiter when I talk to my music friends about this.

With that out the way...

Kids are asleep... wife too... the house is mine... quietly mine.

I plug in to my phone, jam to the tunes till one catches me.
Play said tune three or four times

Plug into PC and start recording the track

Nail it on the first time.

Nail it on the tenth time.

Try to edit.

Realize I suck at editing

Decide to wait till morning to post /or\ leave in projects for a while... a long while.

Don't listen to plan post away.

Wake up and wish I'd paid better attention.

Remember there is always tomorrow, and hopefully
one or more of you Loopers will make me fall in love with another song.

Anyway... Thanks for making this possible. It brings me such happiness when I wake in the morning and my fingers are sore.

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TeeGee Supporter
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Hey Monkeyboy, I love your post, thank YOU for contributing to this site - without you there would be no Wikiloops :W
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Ernie440 Supporter
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ahaha that's great man!! :W:W
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Spot on attitude MB Wikiloops is the magic đŸŽ«
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Acousticeg Supporter
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Your post gave me a big smile.Like many others we can see our self's step by step doing your list.:D
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