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Hey friends,

here's a new free DAW (digital audio workstation), this time for OpenSuse (Linux, so both are free):

(I had a screenshot here which doesn't work anymore - the LinuxMusicians forum changed it to an attached file, and that forum now wants a login to see attached files)

I used the Hi-Hat of that Black Pearl drumkit or the virtual Ample P-Bass myself lately, on #171239

Screenshot of my own machine (Debian instead of Suse, but the same DAW and instruments:


The original screenshot in all resolutions is on (my Flickr stream)

Looks like the developers' page is also available in Italian. So if you have a machine (or an empty drive or USB stick) standing around, give it a try - sounds like this is as easy as UbuntuStudio or any of the other pre-configured music distros (Zuleikha is using UbuntuStudio on her notebook on the Yamaha piano, I'm using Debian and the KXStudio stuff).

By the way, as I wrote in already, Ardour makes it really easy to output your stuff at certain consistent levels (like -16LUFS which is what I normally use). This is good if you for instance want the tracks on an album to have the same loudness.

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