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Best ways to collaborate?

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Hi - I'm returning to Wikiloops after my first introduction 4 years ago. I've since been doing a solo alternative metal project and released an album and singles, but I yearn for real musician collaborators rather than playing/programming everything myself.

Can I get some suggestions/recommendations of the best way to collaborate? Specifically, if I have vocals, guitars, bass, etc. for a song but would really want other bassists, drummers, vocalists to do their own thing with a track - what should I post as the template? Just the guitars? Do I need to provide a click-track somehow? What else would be useful?

Thanks in advance!

PS: heres an example of one of my latest tracks if you're curious
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Hey Tatius,

welcome back to the loops!

And yes, uploading a single guitar with only the chords & harmonies would leave the door wide open for others while still keeping your original idea. I'd suggest to just listen to some uploads of others, and probably to re-read the instructions like in https://www.wikiloops.com/knowledge/creating_a_template_track_which_others_may_join.php (plus the following chapters on the left menu) to get going again.

Looking forward to hearing some of your music!

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Give it a try, Wikiloops is a blast :W

...as an addition to what Wolfgang wrote: ALWAYS leave a short click track before the track starts, that way everybody can align it with their software. Also if you post separate HD tracks, always leave the clicks at the start, or at least something from the original track so it is easy to align.
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