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A short howto on noise reduction

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In another thread in this forum (that was https://www.wikiloops.com/forum/viewthread.php?thread_id=2093 to be more precise) I had written about a tool I'm sometimes using to reduce the noise on certain tracks. I used it on one of fanne, and now on one from Arnosolo. Then I made a short video about it and Arno allowed me to show it here:


Got the "for" and "to" mixed up in my last message there, but I hope you'll get it anyway.

But that wasn't all - Arno even showed my another method for which you don't have to use Linux and Ardour and noise repellent - you can do it with Audacity which is available for all platforms (and free like Linux, Ardour, and noise repellent). Here's a short howto from a gamer, very impressive - and I tested this and it also works great:


Anyway - to give proper credits, here are some links:

https://github.com/lucianodato/noise-repellent (homepage of noise repellent on GitHub)
https://libremusicproduction.com/tools/noise-repellent.html (description of the tool on LibreMusicProduction)
https://libremusicproduction.com/articles/lmp-asks-24-interview-luciano-dato.html (interview with Luciano Dato on LibreMusicProduction)
https://www.wikiloops.com/backingtrack-jam-152827.php (Arno's wonderful track which I used here)

Hoping that this was/is helpful for some of you,
cheers and have a good evening,
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Hey Wolfgang, I pulled my earlier reply because I was tired and rambling.

Im glad you are finding Normalization. Its a very misunderstood process but important. Its quite easy in Audacity.

As for the noise reduction abilities of Audacity , there is much on the interwebs about its superior function even against expensive Daws. The noise reduction can also be used to isolate a specific frequency and reduce it so as you can remove entire instruments. It is not perfect but it is the best considering price. To completely get into removing entire instruments, noises , annoyances, you get into expensive softwares like Abbey Road Forensic software.

I did use Audacity to completely remove bass from tracks (with the musicians approval of course) so I could squeeze on a track using the noise reduction feature along with treble and bass control.

I no longer need to use normalization as I have another methos to eliminate noise but do feel it is an important thing to know.

There is a track I used to practice noise removal on ...specifically I was trying to remove "finger squeeks" from an acoustic. I offered heliandros $50 usd to recut the guitar but then Id lose Shi's vocals and well...that gets expensive as I cant bribe everybody to redo a track.(I am not above bribing other musicians....)If you find a way to remove the finger squeeks on this , please let me know.#27546 but it defintkey is a challenge only Audacity came close to doing.

An odd concept though...I actually add white noise to my uploads. Its barely audible however I intentionally ADD noise. I used to complain bass tracks of mine here on the loops changed and hollowed out over time. they were not how i originally uploaded them and they changed. The noise cured that.Just an related FYI. Its called Dithering.

Thanks for sharing this.
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