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In the 70s a sound engineer discovered if he kept vocals mono,drums,n bass and organ in center than all other instruments in stereo ,panned to left n right on different frequency's (example guitar recorded in stereo left 10 right 10 then harmony vocals stereo left 15 right 15 etc etc . the mix sounds cleaner because instruments are not completing for the same freq:.
All the album's of the 70s where recorded like this . if you have some 70s albums around listen to them and hear how all the separate tracks sound clear and stand out in there own space . If you have some early 50s music compare it to that there all in mono everything is sharing the same space .A good example if you have it is listen to Fleetwood Mac there mixes all use this panning trick . The only exception is sometimes with drums you maybe want in stereo on different tracks like snares,hi hats, etc then panned for effect but never share same freq:
Bass drum always mono down the center . PS sorry I think I've posted this in wrong section this my first try at posting forum
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Very interesting!
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Makes sense to me. Good share :)
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I'm always being panned
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