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Caution when using the track icon in private message.

Caution when using the track icon in private message.

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Andri Supporter
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Joined: Apr 2, 2017
Good morning!!!

I had a problem that I managed to solve half-heartedly.

I uploaded three tracks that a WLfriend Wade sent me playing with me.

I wrote him a message and using the WL icon that has this format

\x5Bwl]track number\x5B/wl] I added the three tracks.

Once the message was sent, it returned me to the home page and I could no longer enter messages through the envelope icon.

The only way was through user search and send message, but it was the same.

I thought the solution was to delete that last message to Wade with the three tracks and the \x5Bwl]_____\x5B/wl] and I managed to do it, sending a message but through a new window.

The delay in opening the message in a new window allowed me to delete that last message.

My friend has written to me by @ and tells me that he can't enter messages through the envelope icon.

I think the solution is to delete my last message to him and the last one to Richard support, because I gave him an example, writing [wl]track number[/wl three times and it has been blocked again.

Thank you. Cheers, Andri
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Dick Supporter
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Joined: Dec 30, 2010
Dear Andri,
I have investigated the issue a little,
and the problem you have been running into only seems to happen once you insert text instead of the track id number into the wikiloops embed tags.
That will create a track-not-found -> redirect to wikiloops homepage situation, which as you have found out can break someones access to pages, including this forum thread (before I edited your post) or inboxes.
I will update the wikiloops code to prevent that from happening in the future, so, thanks again for letting us know.

Side information: I you delete a message in your inbox, it is still undeleted on the other person's end. That does make sense IMO ;) .
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Andri Supporter
Posts: 37
Joined: Apr 2, 2017
Ok... You can do a test too.. Write square bracket and the same thing happens... I don't think it's because of the track number. In fact they were tracks that I had just uploaded myself playing with Wade.

I think the loop occurs when you send per message, more than one track using the icon.

Thanks anyway!
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