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Can Music Change The World

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Can Music Change The World

Can music change the world ?
Well yes it already has at the end of ww2 the world was overcoming the destruction n huge loss of life it caused .
All the Government's world wide where telling people have baby's n more baby's to repopulate the planet . Hence the term Baby Boomers.
Society was very moral,very strict and very conformist.
Now along came a young baby boomer who was exposed to early African-American music along with some now famous others who followed him .
He started playing around on guitar not getting far until he heard an old man playing some notes which really hooked him .
We now call this the blues scale .The grandfather of all modern music.
So he learnt how to play it then discovered he could transver these notes to chords hence the birth of rock n roll riffs.
The first one that he came up with he put some words to it .
The song was called Rock Around The Clock . Now their where a few who discovered what he had discovered before him but ladyluck smiled on him and he met some one who had the resources to record n release his song .
Hence the birth of Rock n Roll
The sound spread like a wild fire all over the world .
One after the other many followed him becoming now what we call music legend's
The Government's and old guard of the day where in an uproar calling Devil music etc.
But the Jennie was out of the bottle n there was no putting it back.
The mans name was Bill Hailey a man in rock n roll history who never received the credit he deserved .
So yes ,Music can change the world.
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Thanks Dick
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