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Heartbreak 101

Lyric #2266 by marocon

Tags: heartbreak, breakup, reflection
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Heartbreak 101

Baby boy were done, we're done
We've had our moment in the sun
I'm sorry that you feel that way
Give it time it'll be okay

Heart break for everyone

If we'd met a month ago...
But timing's everything you know
And I already have a guy
I'm gonna have to say goodbye

Heart! Break! 202
Heart break for me and you

You know how much I care
I won't forget all that we shared
But to stay would be a crime
It hurts real bad but give it time

Heart! Break! 303
Heart Break for you and me

You're a libra that's a sign
I thought it over with some wine
I know we had so many dreams
But we can't be a team

Heart break 404
Heart break forever more

Heart break phd
The doctor's in advice is free
Heart break phd
Heart break advanced degree

The feel of lace
The touch of leather
Heartbreak is pain
But I'm feeling better

I miss your smile
I miss your touch
Love's not love
When it's a crutch
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Thank You for sharing your lyrics I used them on track #185573
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