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Lyric #2268 by marocon

Tags: Arty, Pop
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Susie has a habit
Tommy's lost a friend
Davey's got his music
Margot's on the mend

Rajesh's disconnected
Tess is lost at sea
Harley's in the mountains
Rachel's watching me

People in the plazas
People in the streets
People in the alleys
People that you meet

People in the forest
People in the hills
People doing things
That others never will

Faruk prays to God
Selena reads the book
Javi studies maps
Tasha is the cook

Boris is intense
Cody wanders free
Sarah sits at home
Jiang plants a seed

People in the parks
People in the fields
People in the towers
People making deals

People in the parlours
People at the fair
People in the skies
People everywhere

Carrie hits the town
While Gavin settles scores
Mikhael plays the lotto
Jin Yin wants some more

Doris goes to church
Bill commits the sin
Rafael plays the saint
Danielle's in the wind

Bharat works for peace
Marco dreams of space
Suzanne's stuck in traffic
Guillemond's in a race

People giving up
People digging deep
People in their mansions
People on the street

People helping out
People get around
People standing up
People falling down
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