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Looking fore metalcore/deathcore guitarist

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I‘m a vocalist looking for a guitarist to write with & help finish a few projects with. I’m only looking to focus on individual songs at the moment. If you can play on tempo & can stay focused, that’s the most important thing. I‘ve worked with people in the past who haven’t cared, just messed around, couldn’t play on tempo, & couldn’t ever keep focused. I also played drums for a year or two & went to berkley for music production so all I really need right now is a decent guitarist who likes similar music. Nasty, djenty, & clean. Whitechapel. Emmure. Tdwp. Chelsea grin. Thy Art is Murder. That type of stuff. If you’re interested & want to work together, let me know & I can send a drum track to see if something would work well
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Haha, started laughing when I've read the line-ups, that's big ones and a nice goal.
I met you as a drummer and it would be fun writing together for sure.
You can put up a band here, and invite people..

For this specific piece of art outa genres, I know only a few from Wikiloops, but I'd like to see public progress

Asking me, I don't like copying any favorite bands, cause they can do better, but I know what you mean.
If you're accurate on drums, I'm sure it's a whole lot of business, which is awesome. And I hope you'll find some dudes to play with cause I'm totally out of rig for this type of request, and quite settled with my little stuff

Would like to join here and there with leads for public shares. But private projects are different
Keep it up
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Hey Jax,

I don’t really know where to start really but; I’m German so it may just be me... But you seem high af when you write to me lol
I can hardly figure out what you mean. But Horizon Eyes has three members, including me. We aren’t trying to sound like, or copy any bands. More so that we are all on the same page before the writing process & to save time instead of rejecting a bunch of song parts. It takes a lot of time to write, then record perfectly, then edit, then send just to be told it’s not right yet. In the past I‘ve had members leave because they didn’t want to write heavy music, they wanted faster music or a bunch of clean vocals, etc & that’s just not what this project is.

We are working on two singles right now one is a cover one is original before we slowly release them on a planned release & can consistently release music. Wiki Loops isn’t the place for covers especially or original music in the deathcore genre because not many people here are into that stuff. That’s why I don’t have vocal collaborations on here. None are the style I play.

When we release new music, I‘ll let you know. Maybe even send you something before we actually release anything. I just figured it was worth a shot. Finding a member with the same goals, ability & desire is & always will be something that will be highly desired for our band. We aren’t going to be held back by not having more members at all so I don’t mind if it takes all the time in the world to find another member.

Love your music Jax. Good looking out 🤘🏻
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When it comes to Emmure, local sessions are essential. For the right sound & feel. An outworn studio, beers, people, then dig in:).
There had been magic moments here, when everything fit perfectly. Actually a daily outcome, by chance

Such collabs (7+string) may be easy for experts, even online, but they either look for profit, or stick with their folks. You need a unique individual who takes time and effort, I don't know any website where you could 'hire' such a person for free, and while it's a very personal deal, you have to keep lookingB). In fact Wikiloops is still a good lookout. Since online collabs have grown all over the place
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I don’t know. I would disagree about local sessions being essential for anything. As long as everyone is on the same page & is dedicated enough, any sound is achievable.
The current members are incredibly talented & dedicated. We get along & we all have our own influences that translate well with eachother. None of us make any money, nor do we care about making money from eachother. If they had no creative freedom & I was the only one who made decisions; that would be a different story. This was my project, but now it’s our project. Drinking beer, being high, & messing around is the exact opposite of how good music is made(not that it can’t be done).
Members have been removed for that exact reasoning. It makes sloppy recording. Also all of the first albums were recorded by the old members of Emmure on their own, & recorded individually, the new albums are written by josh, then the vocals by Frankie completely separate, then practiced together sure, but that has little to do with anything other than being able to play it live.
Most albums are recorded in a similar album. Asking Alexandria is one of the only bands that comes to mind that writes & recorded drunk or while fucking around & Danny hated most of it lol
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sounds interesting I greatly enjoy some of the artists you mentioned. I actually have shared a stage with 3 of them. Im more of a traditional death/blackmetal player.I work with a guitarist here who hyper djenty. He straight:W up blows my mind and i have been doing this for over 30 years.I could see if he has interest or if i could do anything with it I just brought my 7 string home
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