CD Baby anyone?

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I have been looking at CDbaby for some time now, still unsure what to make of this.
Has anyone ever ordered or published from / on CDbaby? Whats your gutfeeling?

I'm currently thinking about teaming up with them so I could issue some wikiloops music (as suggested in some other thread) and some other recordings there without too much investment. All in a very early stage of thinking, so any ideas are welcome...

thanks in advance

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as another outlet
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thanks, looks better at first. I've left the CDbaby site the moment I realized they charge 55 USD for an non US delivery... how snuts is that?

I'm looking for a company that would do digital distribution plus on demand production of hardcopies (took some reading untill I understood CSbaby only resells CDs you have to send in). As for the SufiSoul CDs, hardcopies would be a must...
found some on demand CD suppliers, still lookin around some...
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CD Baby has done as promised for my album, and distributed it to digital sites but the royalties have been slow in coming and it took forever to be added. And I'm in the US dealing w/ only US fans, so I don't have your worries.

There's nothing like selling your own CDs and pocketing 100%...
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