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Lyric #2292 by frenzie

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frenzie Supporter
Posts: 77
Joined: Sep 3, 2015
I feel like I am falling deep and it won't stop
I want to be left alone
I want to escape from me forever
I need a break from reality
Give me some peace oh I feel oh so alone
My anxieties and fear master me I cannot pull back or lean forward
I am stuck stuck deep
I fear to speak to you or look you in the eyes
I am so afraid
I want to cry but I cannot produce a single tear
Save me from myself
Save me from this hell
I know I am breathing sadness
Aching from loneliness
I cannot handle a small setback it feels so heavy
My chest hurts
My head rings
I feel no emotions but emptiness deep in myself

Note: I am fine wiki friends some old lyrics from long ago
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Tu Supporter
Posts: 92
Joined: Apr 15, 2014
Phew you had me worried. Great lyrics...would suit a gothic rock track <3
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posted on #3
axenvocs Supporter
Posts: 198
Joined: Oct 18, 2014
You have to just helped me back to my feet Brother [wl]183491[/wl]
posted on #4
Posts: 76
Joined: Mar 24, 2016
track ID: #183491 🤘😁 sounds awesome guys. Gary back on your feet? you been sick?:|
posted on #5
axenvocs Supporter
Posts: 198
Joined: Oct 18, 2014
@ Mike just slumping bro feel fine and things are good thanks for asking brother
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