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Happy 20th birthday, Ardour!

Happy 20th birthday, Ardour!

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Seems like two days ago Ardour - my DAW of choice - has had its 20th birthday. You can read the wonderful story from Paul Davis, founder and still lead developer of Ardour, at his post over at


I have written about Paul and Ardour on my own blog before, in 2017 and in 2018, and everything you've heard or you'll hear from me here on the 'loops is recorded using that software. In case of interest, my articles (one with a video keynote held by Paul) are here:

https://wolfgang.lonien.de/2017/05/thanks-to-paul-davis-and-to-others/ (2017, with video showing Paul)
https://wolfgang.lonien.de/2018/04/an-interview-with-paul-davis/ (2018, with a link to an audio-only interview with him)

For those who don't know Ardour: it's a free (as in libre) and open source DAW which runs on Linux, on Macs, and on Windows. You'll get compiled binaries either for free (on some Linux distributions) or for an amount of money which you decide upon. Or you can compile it yourself for free (as in free drinks).

So I'll try to remember that date - 5 years older than my daughter, but one day later than her :) Just donated a bit because I use it since I'm here, or in fact a bit longer.

Ardour webpage is here: https://ardour.org/
Found Paul's article via http://planet.linuxaudio.org/

Paul is also the programmer of Jack (which you need for real-time audio on Linux): https://jackaudio.org/

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