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delete my remix, my instrument

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Hey, what if i think that my remix needed to be changed. I want to upload a new far better version. I don't like my remix anymore and i'got new one instead of that. It is possible to remove it? Thanx! Sorry for my english;)
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Yes click on you song. You will see a Red Flag at the end of the track click it follow instructions.
(note) if someone added to it you won’t be able to delete it.
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Hey there Matelox, if nobody has remixed it yet, you can simply click on the little red flag next to the wave form and delete it :)
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Oh,thanx TeeGee and GBD :)
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If there are remixes and You don’t want to loose them, You can always upload this one more time under Your existing version. Many of Loopers is doing that, using „mixer” as new added instrument
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PierreOghi dzięki, też kiedyś byłem "Silesia" :)
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