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Hello to all WikiLoopers.
Today i want to talk about a WikiLoopsMember who is very diligent on this site. Because it is hard, in average he play two sonngs or jams a day ( i estimate that ). My cognition of him is a very good one. He is polite and has a big heart. He also is sensitiv and i guess he got a big humor too. I remember he is one of the first guys i meet here on Wikilloops.
He play his guitar in a special way. He find always good notes for the whole special songs he play to.
I will say; he is such a nice guy.

In this way i want to send my salutations and my congratulations to 2000 jams on Wikiloops.
I hope we will hear 2000 jams more.
Again congratulations to XAVI = IVAX

Best wishes and all the best for your future.
I think i speak for all guys who know you in Wikiloops and beyond.
In this sense i will hail you and stop here.

Stephan ( Trommelkloppe )
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Joining Trommelkloppe in wishing Xavi congratulations on #2000 and hopefully another 2000 to come.
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Don't stop, Xavi :W
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fantastico super xavi por estos 2000 loops,una maquina de crear riff y realizar espectaculares colaboraciones a todos los amigos, pero sobre todo he conocido un gran hermano,un gran amigo y gran compañero que me a acompañado en muchos momentos buenos,malos y otros muy malos.
pero con su musica,su guitarra, su humildad y con una palabra de apoyo siempre me saca una sonrisa.
vamos por las 3000 super xavi,felicitaciones hermano<3:Y:W:o:D:W
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Xavi is an awesome player and a great guy. Congrats on 2000 my friend!
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Congrats Xavi :) Love listening in and joining too from time to time.!
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What everyone else said and more... Thanks Xavi for all your support and encouragement mi amigo!
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Congratulations amigo Xavi!!

[img][/img] :D:D
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Xavi is not only an exceptional musician, he is also one of the nicest people you can hope to meet on the internet, we are so lucky to have him here. Thumbs up for the next 2000 :D
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Xavi es "el mago de la guitarra"..:W
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He has an incredible talent and musical sensibility, he is the best friend I've ever met. Always encouraging people to continue with their famous "hammerhead.":D:D:D
Thank you for meeting Xavi and enjoying your jams !!<3:)
Tiene un talento y una sensibilidad musical increíble, es el mejor amigo que he conocido. Siempre animando a la gente a seguir con su famoso "martillo pilón".:D:D:D
Gracias por conocerte Xavi y disfrutar de tus jams!!<3:)
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I bow to a musician who always has the piece in his <3:o:Whead, I am happy that I can get involved, Xavi has supported me here many times and only made the piece a proper song. 2000 postings is a good start, but now it really starts. We just drove warm. Great Amigo
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In addition to playing exceptional guitar, many do not know that he also makes exceptional shredded cheese. Congrats buddy [img][/img]
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