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Musicmap.info as a reference system for genre assignment in Wikiloops?

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A discussion between Josepssv and Stonycat about the categorization of music in Wikiloops, in this specific case, jazz, seems to me to be of general interest. Wikiloops knows jazz and jazz rock as a genre. The question was whether the genre would have to be switched to "electronic" when adding a sequencer to an "acoustic" jazz track.

In this situation, points of view could remain opposite, although there is actually a jazz division that can use sequencers.

We lack a reference system for such cases. A while ago I found Musicmap.info in a music magazine.http://musicmap.info Genres are described historically differentiated and provided with sound examples. There is also a sequencer under Jazz "NU Jazz", with which we can classify our track. See also: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nu_jazz

My suggestion would be to use Musikmap.info as a common basis for discussion and reference system if there are any ambiguities in the classification in Wikiloops. Maybe it would even be good to have a hint in the Wikiloops tutorial?

(I hope google translates correctly)
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Thanks Abuitremorem. I understand that an approach to the complexity and detail of styles in music is necessary to categorize a jam.
I like http://musicmap.info the relationships it establishes between styles, date plans and examples, but it leaves many styles in the air.
Although it does not have all those details the list on Wikipedia seems complete
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