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I'm Still Alive And Supporting The Loops, Honest!

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Hey all,

I've been absent for quite a while now due to a combination of factors - family and musical combined. I'm still here and still wanting to support the loops but various things have meant I've not had anything set up for recording since late last year. Even if I wanted to add, nothing's set up at the moment. Nevertheless, I'm still paying my dues here because I still 100% believe in supporting this project.

I will get around to returning to adding here - I feel oddly guilty about not adding! - but I've just not been able to. My new band has been occupying a lot of my time but also personal situations have made me unable to get stuff set up. I'll be leaving my house soon to take up residence in my mother's house to look after it as she's now at the pleasure of our NHS - the version of dementia she has is the same as that which recently claimed Terry Jones; FTD or Fronto Temporal Dementia. In short, lobotomy by dementia :(

Anyway, I'll hopefully soon be back on track and irritating these pages with my percussive lunacy. Sorry.

In the meantime, here's the mixes from the gig of my new band - a Pink Floyd tribute called 'Eclipse' - which took me most of January to sort!


It's been such a long time I've enjoyed being in a band so much. Not just for the drumming but I'm doing all the recording and sound. It's a lot of work but I'm learning so much. The main thing I've learned is I used my Spaun kit for our production rehearsal. I used my Yamaha for the actual gig, mostly because I broke the kick head on the Spaun. I've had my Yamaha 9000 kit 29 years now and it blows upstarts like my Spaun out of the water!

See you soon!
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You remembered "Fearless"! Break a leg!
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Cool work Martin :) i know it must have been a bunch of work !! The loops will still be there when you'll make it back don't worry ;)
In the meantime i'm wishing you all the courage you'll need and just so you know yea we miss you :)
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Thank you for taking care of your mom, Martin. Your Compassion for your mom in this hard world is a Gift to everyone. <3
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Get back here...soon as you can.....the place is falling appart without you... ;)
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You know darn well I miss you! We'll try to be patient and understanding.
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So you are supporting the loops, and take are of your mum that is a double πŸ‘πŸ‘all the best to you and your mother be πŸ’ͺ <3
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sorry about your mom, happy about your band, I listened to Echoes so far, love that song and you guys did a great job
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Take care Martin! Hope to hear you again as soon as you are able to!


Or something like that! :)
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