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this goes out to drummers or if anyone knows that cool too, I have a europower pmp1000 , I want to record the drums only , but the only way it comes thru my headphones is backing and drums, how do I split it using the I/o's of the mixer, so only the drums goto the pc?

p.s. I already checked the manual but it reads like "stereo" instuctions lol
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I don`t think that board is capable of doing what you want it to,it is a live board.I have a eurodesk UB2442FX-Pro,it has 8 direct outs/4 aux sends/4 effects sends,4 sub busses.
If you can find something along those lines,they are older desks,but are recording desks( you can send different stuff to different places).YOU can try sending ALL the drums to the Monitor output,But it would be Mono
,and you will want a stereo spread on your Drums.The pmp 1000 just does`nt have the sends/subs you need,Sorry,...holyjaguar
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If your headphones listen to a monitor mix and you record the 'normal' output signal, then you could (assuming the monitor is pre fader) mute that unwanted signal on the output by simply pulling down the corresponding fader.
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ok cool , guess I need to save up some and get a lil better mixer ;) thanks all :)
Everything is practice :)
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