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Made me think of a funny story

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9thAspect's comment on #5959 "My mates always tell me i have a natural 70s porn film bass technique, wouldnt know of course :-) "

I'm blind and one time I went with my buddies to a drive-in porno flick theater and as I was listening to the sex mood music I realized I was hearing ME playing guitar! WTF? How the hell?

How did my band's playing end up in this porno flick?!

I remembered where I was when I played what I was hearing. I was at a band member's house for rehearsal and her neighbor who makes porn flicks asked if he could record us.

But I was unaware that he was using that rehearsal recording in his actual porn film. No one told me.

No one paid me either.

Or any of us, as far as I know.

Pretty weird huh?

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:D :D :D
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that's pretty funny man :D

I think we need to know the title of the film in question though, just so we can check out your playing obviously.....
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keep on Jammin'
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Have one of my buddies from that night on the phone -- we can't remember the name of the film now. It was in the 1970's.

It was blues. He lived upstairs and was filming and he heard us playing downstairs. He came down and said he just got a new recorder and asked if he could record us to test out his new recorder. Then he played it back for us.

The recording came out really good actually. Good enough to be a movie sound track. I just never imagined that would actually ever happen!

Pretty funny.
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Now that is really having a 70s porn movie technique if ever there was one:D
There's a reason why women love us bass players.The tone is like Barry White's voice, and the strings are thick like Ron Jeremy's...well, you get the point.:D
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L O L!! That's right!!

I wonder in anyone wonders how any theater could get away with showing porn at a drive-in theater, which normally has the screen available for passers-by to see!

So I tried to find some pictures of that drive in porn theatre, which used to be a legitimate theater by the way. It was demolished after it closed in 1990.

I couldn't find ANY. :(

But I found a picture from Google Maps of what it looks like now. You can see the quarter-semi-circle where the theater used to be. It's surrounded by hills. That is how they got away with showing porn at a drive-in theatre. The screen could not be seen from the highway.

Look at the map picture, just south of Skinner Road and to the right. There it was.


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