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I’m new :)

I’m new :)

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So since I did already few jams.
Like to introduce me a little bit more.

I’m from the netherlands (katwijk). And I don’t know why it took me so long to find this site.
But anyway as you al know, Because of COVID there was a drop in live playing, It is starting up a little btw at the moment.

But let me tell me a little bit more about me.
So I went to piano classes or music school since I was about 9 so mostly classical trained. Wel I’, 36 now and think I stopt whit lessons when I was about 16 mostly because it was only reading sheetmusic and classical. Don’t Gert me wrong it did and still helps btw that I can read sheetmusic.

But ok then came bands. Wel ok chords didn’t really learn that. So figured it out on my self.
I have played in musicals. Rock bands classical Christian, you name it think never missed one type.

You have to understand this is years ago. And there was not really internet. Or we had not one in that time. But trough internet is allot of info to be found even for people now who just start making music. Let alone iPads midi keyboards and apps.

But I like this site allot and thinking to stay here for a long time also.
Ofcourse I will continu playing live when the Covid a little bit disappears but certainly this is a cool site and community.

Thank you all, just a little bit of my story feel free to ask btw. \

Greets, emiel
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So maybe it is kind of nice to talk a little about gear I use.

I have like a carbon 61 non weighted keys midi keyboard. And another one with less,
Picked it up for. Btw 9 euro at euhm how do you call that in english. Like second hand store. (Kringloop in dutch)
So that in combination with a ipad and apps makes more or less what I upload over here.

Then for live playing I use either a grand piano provided or my other stage piano Yamaha s90es. It is getting a little bit old, but still works fine.
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Owh and still want to learn a bit of guitar. But haven’t got the finance to buy one. My brother learns guitar btw. Wel at least music family there haha.
Maybe I buy a not so expensive version. It is just to try. I know a few chords on guitar btw. But wel that was learning from my brother who is 3 years younger as me. So since we both got music classes he for guitar I’m for piano. Wel there are still possibilities we since left all home so not really together anymore. But still it’s all in a range of few kilometers.
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Ernie440 Supporter
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Welcome aboard e-m!! :)
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Navota Supporter
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Welkom to wikiloops you sure have fun it is the best place when your online:)
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Shi Supporter
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nice to have you with us at the loops emiel :)
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Thank you all :)
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